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W202 1994 C280

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I want to get my windows tinted. I have been told by two different Mercedes shops that this particular car has "weather tabs" in the door that press against the glass to help it form a better seal. I was told these either had to be sanded down or removed so they would not scratch the tint.

I asked a tint shop about this and they said they had not heard about this. I am a little nervous about letting them tint the windows if they know nothing about this feature. They said they had never tinted this particular model.

I was hoping someone on here could tell me if these things have to be removed and if so where they are. Also if anyone has done this did it cause any window leaks do to them being removed.


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Doh, sorry I didn't see the title. Alot of merc's these days have non felted rub rails that need to have felt applied. To accomplish this the door panels need to be removed. I'd avoid the shops that aren't aware of this. Keep in mind, than no matter what brand of film is applied that it wont last much longer than 5 years, I don't care what anyone else says.

If the film out lasts your cars warranty, it has done it's job.

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Thanks for the info. Is the felt something that is readily available?

I am thinking that if I could buy it then maybe I could get my Mercedes shop to put it in. Then I could get the tint done and the tint place would not have to do something they are not used to.

Thanks again.

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