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Guest Johnny5104

Do you guys use squeegees just to clean the windows before hand or do you use them for other things....have you guys used them like a hard card?? just curious :lol

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for flat or auto?

For flat I clean the glass with water and a 6 inch scraper razor, then wet again, wipe the edges, then use a brass squeegee to clean, wet again, and lay the film, then I switch to a blue max to squeegee the film out.

For cars, I razor the glass with a single edge razor, or for back glass I use a white scrubber sponge then a "black turbo" or "black smoothie" to clean the glass, then I also use that same black squeegee on the film, wet again, and power out the water with a blue max.

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I wish you'd try the red turbo. Flexible enough to work the film on the first pass and stiff enough for the final once over. Hard card the edges and you're done quick 'n easy.

Wndotint (OK) and myself sang the praises of this squeegee waaaaay back.

BTW, I use my black smoothie for cleaning all glass. Never tried to apply film with it.

The most versatile squeegee however is the yellow turbo. Soft enough to clean and stiff enough to install.

If I had to pick one squeegee to do it all it would definately fit the bill.


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t dive used the black for years. and I loved it. im using the yellow now just because I have it and no black. and I have to be honest . I dont know witch I prefer. and ive also been using the the pouch on your recomendation td. and the first day it felt a little goofy . bieng around my waist. but I got used to it . now I definatley wont do flat with out it. and will keep using it for auto. the only prob I have with it . is going to the bathroom . it gets in the way :drunk

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ok guys/gals....I do almost the same thing, except, look, a bunch of time can be saved on the back glass....after the cleaning, wet the glass, set the film, wet the film and use the blue max for first/final install.....one time across the entire glass instead of 2 and just use the slammer to hammer down the last few inches on the bottom and heat "burn" the little fingers that may pop up on the sides afterwards.....PIECE OF CAKE and then, just as a finishing touch, drink more beer.

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