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2019 A6


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Nothing like getting a new challege after 3 pm! I've been bottom loading since the beginning so I got a little crazy (or stupid) with this one. One piece seals, like the A8. The panels come off pretty easy, as do the plastic seal covers around the sides and top. Start working the wood trim from the front, be careful it feels pretty brittle. Its got some little tabs that have to be wiggled a little and then twisted out because of a large tab in the back. On the front there is 1 T25 behind the trim, one behind the speaker grill, and one under the armrest. On the rear, 2 T25 under the trim, one under the armrest. The plastic along the sides and top just pulls off with a little effort in the front, it is held on by tape in the rear corner. I just pulled the sides on the rear doors, the top has two screws holding the shade buckle on and I didn't feel like walking back to my tool bag. I pulled the rubber out at the bottom all the way to the edge and tucked it over the metal lip. The corners are still a little tight but it helps a lot. 


You will need a Titan or something similar to get the quarters done. Also there is a pile of expensive looking electronics on the RIGHT side of the trunk that I can only imagine is the infamous amp situation. The brake light cover pulls straight back like all recent Audi sedans. 


If you are going to two stage this one good luck!










20181109_173401 (1).jpg

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      Xpel; rookie (me) popped air pocket and nicked paint

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      Marks appearing on the window after tint removal

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