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another longhorn super star

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gary mclemore, he was our retarted warehouse guy, this guy was a self proclaimed, bull rider, bass pro fisherman, forklift rodeo champ, rode in the hotter n hell 100 bike race here, all this and he only weighed 300 lbs :spit but now he is down to 260, he got fired for being a lazy ass, now he comes around 1 time per year and tells us how good he has if driving a schoolbus in kansas city :rollin definitely short buss material :spit


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thats what I called him gayray mclemoron :rollin


HELLO! IM INSANE! I got him to do this 3 times :spit


dang that ol mdog must be pretty funny, always laughing :spit


ahh yes I am sitting in the bosses chair kicking back look at my shoe :spit


there is the tint shcedule, and gayrays fat ass :lol


the guy has the same look in EVERY pic I took :spit

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