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Broken Window Seal

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I had a customer call and say their windows are not working now after having their car tinted. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and never heard of this before. They have a 2015 Subaru Legacy and said they took it to a body shop and the body shop told them the seals are broken and that’s why their windows won’t roll up and down. Now keep in mind they worked when we had the vehicle in to tint because we need the windows to roll up and down to do the car. He had the vehicle done 10 days ago and said he waited the 3-5 days to roll down his windows and just now called. Anyone hear of anything like this happening. We do live in Ohio and there was a freeze that happened the other week. I’ve just never heard of this or had this happen in my experience. 

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Nope.. sounds like a cheap excuse for body shop guy not wanting to work/fix it though by just blaming the last guy.. 


also the seals were broke??? Usually you will be able to see if the seals are broke or not... 


just bust out the security cameras and say... look they were working just fine while I was working on it... 



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