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2020 Altima Windshield Issue


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Won’t do full windshields on new Rams bc of computer module but you can add the New Altima to this list. Did it 2 days ago and had to press push start about 8 times to get it to startEd bc it wouldn’t recognize key fob. Customer drove it home and now it won’t start again, just keeps saying it can’t recognize key fob. 

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UPDATE: I've been doing windshields for a LONG time but these new cars with push starts are causing a huge issue. Luckily, I have a friend who runs the local Nissan service department. Told me there is a recall on the new altimas for the brake switch and tinting the windshield can accelerate this issue. Nissan is fixing it now under warranty but he said that they are charging upwards of $1k if they can get away with it if they can blame it on tinting.

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My 2021 Nissan Sentra has been sent to two different Dealers and has the same problem.

The car doesn't recognize that the key fob is either on the  Start button or just next to it & the only thing that is there excuse is that the condensation from the air conditioning is leaking onto the brake line/wire/whatever and is causing the short.




The issue is serious and the Nissan dealership(s) as well as Nissan North America are doing nothing to fix the problems.



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