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  1. I have done a back window on an el camino 7 times before it finally laid. it was the only thing on the schedule though. had an r/r on 3000gt last week that took 2 attempts for the back window. I would have probably given it two more attempts. Dano is right about scheduling on an off day. the added stress doesn't help the cause.
  2. custy's that see me tint already say i make it look easy.... they going to loose their sh!t when i master this technique.
  3. that looks clean cut and damn good for that truck. me personally i would have ran a line line of black paint with a paint marker around those borders before applying the film to avoid that slither of a light gap.
  4. water wick for the bottom?
  5. yeah some films have more than others. i had a customer that had xpel on his 21 ridgeline and had the same issue. I installed a different film and it went away. you only notice it on the windshield due to the angle you are looking at it at.
  6. any newer dodge set of fronts with the xpel ez tint loader tool lol
  7. you are looking at the grain of the film.
  8. is it a pain to remove the two hydraulic arms?
  9. I was being sarcastic. it didn't show through my post, my bad. If you search the forum you will find the horror stories.
  10. don't get discouraged. avery is allergic to heat. I can never do a charger BG without burning it. The craftsman heat gun i normally use does get hotter than most guns though. anyway leave all the excess film and do the h pattern. use baby powder for maximum float on the BG (normally ppl use dryer sheets or bar soap). hold and stretch the end starting in the center and start shrking in large regions with long horzontal passes where ever you are heating the other hand should be pulling on the region. the film will lay do that for top and bottom and cut and wet check like normal. good luck!
  11. some shops take up to a week and that is with a full man crew
  12. bar keepers friend a little water and microfiber. rubs them right out.
  13. you have to come up with scenarios that would make it plausible. there are scratches on glass that can't be seen until they are tinted. I see it all the time and even worry I will be blamed. the majority of the cutting i do is on the peel board to avoid any problems that relate to this.
  14. did the customer expect zero contamination with that price?
  15. I used the ceramic 40 on my dads cobalt 9 years ago. it still looks good. no adhesive failure. If i ever decided to switch over geoshield would be an option i would look into.
  16. nice! how does it compare to xpel and the other big names? I'm undecided between madico and global.
  17. shouldn't be too bad. They have a 10 year warranty on it which leads me to believe its a stout film. have you had any samples of it? wondering how much orange peel it has.
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