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Sharing custom personalized patterns?

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So I sometimes will need a simple rectangle with rounded corners for the door steps, where your shoes could scuff the area where you step into the vehicle.  I measure it and then design it quickly with inkscape, or the GreatCut program that comes with the GCC plotters.  I like this to be a pattern so that it matches from the drivers side to the passenger side and it's simple.


Or, I make a pattern for the B pillars on cars/suv vehicle, where your hand grabs the back of the drivers door when you swing it closed.  Don't see this included in a lot of patterns out there.


I never use full bumper patterns, but I do use patterns for the trim pieces if they are available.  But I use the patterns for headlights a lot, because it's hard to improve on such a small, simple piece.


So...  wondering if anyone out there has an idea of how we, the installers can upload these quick type of patterns into an online database that would be searchable, and FREE to other installers just to help out, supported by the installers for the installers.  Maybe if we have a 'how to make patterns' section of the database/forum, then more and more installers get in on the program to build it on up.


The reason I think this would be great for a larger group is that I might (And did) make a pattern for the B pillars, and the little triangle piece in front of the drivers/passengers window on a 2020 Audi RS3 because my customer wanted those done, along with the whole rest of the car.  But I may never use those patterns again, so it seems a shame to have put that time into it and not use it again.


Ideas from those who have internets knowledges?

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Honestly most software out there already includes B pillars and the other pillars, at least on SUV's they will and many cars too.  


Not a bad idea though but most people won't see the value in doing all that homework just to give it away for free.  You'll end up having one or two dedicated passionate installers out there helping everyone else out and no one helping them out.  



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On 10/2/2020 at 7:26 PM, Capital PPF_Norm said:

It might be worth while then to allow 5 downloads for every upload of a new pattern or something like that to keep everyone involved.  As far as B pillars, I have found the Suntek patterns to NOT have those so far...

For which car do they not have the B pillars?  they have the software for most every SUV B pillars and many cars Ive done, mainly 4 door sedans.  Not every car will be in there of course but I've found quite a few of them.  The lower end cars they prob won't have.  


Honestly it only takes a few minutes to do a B pillar, cut one side straight on the table, then cut the other side out on the car.  The amount of time it takes to lay out the film, pull up the patterns, arrange them, cut them, weed them and install them you could just throw them on and cut them out.  

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