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Valiant Rear Screen VG Pacer? Help Tinting

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We have a customer that has dropped off this massive curved rear screen. He said its from a Valiant and we are thinking maybe a 1970's VG Pacer, has pretty wicked curves horizontally and curves up at the top. Its kicking our arse trying to 1 piece this screen has anyone on here done a 1 piece if so how did you go about the shrink any help would be appreciated we may have to 2 piece it but it does not have any demisters on it to hide a line. Thanks for any help



Valiant Rear Screen 1.JPG

Valiant rear screen 2.JPG

Valiant Rear screen 3.JPG

Valiant Rear Screen 4.JPG

Valiant rear screen 5.JPG

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I would try to horizontally stretch wet and lay down the reverse curve at the top and dry shrink the rest of the bottom with two people using the Ryk method.


I would also lay the glass on an old tire or something to elevate it and keep it from sliding. A PDR or body shop hood stand would be optimal for 360 access. I keep a few glass installer style suction cups and tie straps for loose glass that comes in to keep em from sliding around. Good Luck, please post your win when you get it!

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Thanks Dano, yes we had another look at it yesterday and we got 3/4 of the glass good down the bottom, it is still that 2 - 300mm top section. We wondered if just heating it from the underside and trying to squeegee it out slowly without shrinking it mite help. It just does not like heat forming as its different angles all in one in the middle top. and when you try shrinking it on one side at the top it pulls the other side tight and off the glass. Its hard to explain until you are doing one aye. When you mention a horizontal stretch wet are you talking about tying to shrink it out to the sides or more of pinning it horizontally as there is so much extra film pockets it top middle as it sits really weird on the glass. Have you tinted any of these rear screens? almost looks harder out of the vehicle to shrink which sounds weird I know.... Thanks for your help man :-)

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I've never done one of those but it reminds me of the dreaded cutlass supreme or the early 90s t-bird which I remember well. By horizontal stretch I'm meaning to lightly wet the top 10 to 20% of the glass with the reverse curve and stretching the film up and sideways to the corners to lay it down. It may not stay in place while you shrink the rest of it but I would not heat that area until you're installing.


The rest of the glass, I would dry shrink with two people to keep the weight of the film from dropping and putting more slack in the middle. Please take a look at Ryk's method for floating the film on a cushion of cool air. The top corners will no doubt have a semi circle wave that will want to crease. Possibly try to lift the corner and let the film snap down as you approach the corner durring the install. You will likely need to have someone heat it immediately before you let go to keep it from lifting.


If it stays down, I might consider a quick dry-ish wipe with 90% alcohol and clear nail polish the edge + light heat to dry it. Super glue would also be acceptable if it can be hidden (I use 3m edge sealer regularly for wrap film)

Also I would not cut the film to final shape until it was stuck to the glass to give you room for adjustment and something to hold while it's being streached. 

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You're absolutely welcome.

I'm willing to wager that only a handful of folks on here to have experienced the joys of struggling through installs like this the first time around. Anymore, the installers aren't trained to do much more than run patterns off the machine and are stuck dumbfounded when something like that shows up at their door. Most will pass just for the time loss and headache. I personally like the brain puzzle aspect. I always learn something on the way that helps in other areas. Helping to pass on the knowledge is one of the reasons I joined. Best of luck, please let us know how it goes!

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Late to the post party as usual.

Here's what I see; a back glass that is similar to an earlier model Chevrolet sedan (can't remember the model, maybe a SS Impala?). Some might remember it had a humongous back glass that needed heat shrink at one end (top to bottom) and not at the other. Or, close to that Camaro that needed shrink at the top and shrink at the bottom after manipulating the excess in the reverse curve into pockets, heating those pockets until they relaxed a bit.


Sometimes it's as simple as not shrinking the reverse curve area and if heat shrinking is overused, the film will be too tight when installing, leading to the film snapping off the surface.


Just my :twocents

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There a bit like HZ kingswood sedan but worse, you need to shrink the top only and then try to stretch the bottom as your squeegee, a little bit of heat helps .

Thank god the glass is out of the car.

I have never done one but have only ever seen one done while the glass is fitted in the car and then it was done in two pieces and didnt look good because of the join.

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