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Is this tint job acceptable?

Guest Tribe2010

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Guest Tribe2010

Hello, I had the front two windows tinted on my 2021 Toyota Tundra at 35%. I'm not completely impressed with the work and I would like an opinion about if I'm being too picky or if I should take it back.  Nothing bad is noticable when the window is completely closed (or completely open, obviously), but when open half way there's a gap about a quarter inch or so on the front-most section. 


I went to a place that was recommended that only does glass repair and tinting. It took them about an hour for the front windows and I saw them remove the door panels in the process.


Thoughts?  Thanks in advance.




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Guest AboutWT

A common mistake on Tundras as well as Tacomas.  The installer did not account for window shift. Regardless of how much you paid it can be better. 

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