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hello from Whidbey Island USA everyone .....with a newly installed hot tub just off our master bedroom sliding doors, my wife & I have come to realize that even with the highly private surround & landscaping I built & installed, when in the tub or when coming into or out of it, the reflection off our maser bedroom windows and sliding doors creates a DIRECT view from / for our next-door neighbors, from their driveway, garage window and front entryway .....I am looking to find a window film I can install myself that will not impact our ability to see in or our of this master bedroom window or either of the sliding doors, but will FULLY cut the reflective ability for the exterior of the glass to project as a mirror .....I can upload a pic or 2 but hoping my description tells the tale and he ask ....THANK YOU for all input & assistance .....

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Perforated vinyl might be your only solution. Unfortunately it will reduce the amount of light coming into the room from those doors, but it will eliminate any exterior surface reflection and still allow visibility out the doors. Also consider doing partial glass coverage. Hopefully, you don't have an HOA to deal with.


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