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Starting to get glue marks lately...

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Hey everyone and greetings from Greece.I've been tinting professionaly for the last seven years and recently I bought a pressurized water sprayer.Since then I have issues with my slip solution.I am using green Tint Slime and got my mix even slimer but I keep having the film "biting" on the window too soon and thus leaving some glue smears...Any thoughts?

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I have to double the amount of soap when I use a tank to get it to slip properly. Also had to switch to JnJ. I think it has more wax/oily content (more cushion). My normal mix just wouldn't do it for me.


I did try film-on for a while but didn't like it much. 7th Generation Free and Clear is my preferred favorite most of the time.


Be aware that as you get to the bottom of the tank the slip seems to not be as active.


Most of the time I work off of bottles to change the mix with the weather/humidity and glass surface texture. 


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If you lower your tank pressure you won't need to refill as often. The best use for myself is flushing rear windows, large PPF pieces and flat glass installs.


With all the electronics being stuffed into autos it's rare that I use a tank at all on cars, especially the euro makes and anything electric.


@pbalentine how do you like the slime compared to dish detergent/JnJ? Is there an install advantage? 

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