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Selling a customer on a different brand

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TL;DR - How do you go about convincing, or informing customers that come in with a specific brand in mind?


So, this question is for those of you using lesser-known but similar if not better performing PPF brands like Hexis, FlexiShield, Opticle, and all the myriad of custom signature brands that everyone and their mother seem to make. Or to those who are good at marketing and selling a product I guess.


I had a lead call me up this past week asking for a quote for a full-front PPF on their car. I proceeded to grab their info, and I told them I would email them a formal quote with pricing and other options. The last question on his mind was, "What brand do you use?"

I proceeded to explain that I use Avery Dennison Supreme Defense Gloss for my PPF installs. That said, this specific customer knew about the big brands in the PPF game. They have done some research of their own (I assume in vehicle-specific forums) and in a way sounded like they have their mind set on a specific brand. Avery Dennison isn't that big of a name when if comes to PPF but they are one of the top dogs for vinyl wraps and vehicle graphics.


I know some people are set on the specific brand that they heard of first, or have had installed before, but there are those customers that are able to be swayed into getting another brand installed. In my experience, most top-of-the-line product lines from most manufacturers feel, install, and perform fairly similarly. I know there are differences in stretch and adhesive types, but the customer doesn't care about installation difficulty. What they care about is the end product and making sure the product works for them. I've worked with Avery Dennison, Xpel, 3M, Kavaca, STek, Legend, and Suntek


Having said that, Avery has some incredible hydrophobic properties with their fancy top coat and also has little to no orange peel. It comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty against delam- yatta yatta yatta, like every other PPF manufacturer out there. The specs are all there.


Let me know your thoughts.

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"I use x brand because I've had great results. I like the optical clarity and have had zero returns unless to service another one of their vehicles. I have the option to use any film I choose and prefer x brand. At the end of the day the best install is about choosing the best installer that will stand behind the work...and thats me." 


You can then proceed to dazzle them with film and install knowledge until their eyes glaze over. It's hard for a customer to not want to go with a perceived independent expert over a cookie cutter high volume shop even tho the outcomes are likely comparable. 


You have to sell the sizzle because the steak is all about the same.

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I had not thought about it that way. That is an excellent way of putting it!

And you're right, the steak is all similar or if not the same, it's about the cook and the "sizzle" as you put it. In the end it's me and my install that I'm selling. Not the branded product I suppose.


Thanks so much, I was hesitant about asking but your response truly makes a ton of sense and got my gears rolling. Thank you!

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