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  1. Has anyone noticed with all these film makers now social media like fb,craigslist and others its starting to drive the labor cost down and film price up?
  2. AGT1

  3. I looked in to xpel for auto tint and was told 2 other dealers in my area were the only ones they wanted so i wrote em off.
  4. it has happened twice to me after reading this post . first one is a 2019 Accord and 2nd is 2017 Acura tlx. I'm waiting for the custy to let me know if it dried out yet.Funny thing is i never noticed it before i read this post .
  5. Yes for about 2 years now. Both of mine do it. Hurts don't it?
  6. add in 2016 ford f150 sliders also. crappy defrosters!!! What can we do to protect us from being held responsible ??
  7. Start with the customer signing a damage wavier before any work is done . i only say this cuz i tinted a 2016 f150 4dr with rear defroster and I had to redo the center window cuz of a bubble could not be worked out. long story short I will be buying and replacing the rear slider. Defrosters now days are crap!!!!! Hope this helps my tintdudes!!!
  8. AGT1

    2016 honda civic 4 dr

    Just want to say Yea to Honda for dropping the front door quarters on these cars.