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  1. Looks good to me. Those are hard to do as you can't hide the edge of the tint (no border) Ford didn't start putting a black border on their back windows until 07 or 08. Not worth the money to me, I turn down any older Ford like this for these very reasons.
  2. Anyone using Global heard of Global IR supreme? https://www.global-windowfilms.com/
  3. Anyone know of a good door panel protector? I see soakshield makes one but I can't find anyone that actually sells it. Found a random Facebook page called door panel protector as well.
  4. I'll pass on vehicles like that everytime. It's not that I can't get a clean job, it's the fact that the hassle involved in tinting windows like that is not worth it.
  5. I put this together over a year ago and used it no more than 10 times. It's just not worth it for me to fill up and have the soap degrade because of how little I tint. All parts were brand new when I built this except the tank. Brass spray tips swivel and have 100 mesh filters inside (a 200 mesh filter is in parts bag.) The sprayer has two lines installed and two sprayers can be used at the same time. Flexilla hose lines were installed (25 ft long each). In line lawn mower filters are installed to filter water. In the bag is extra gaskets, extra lid (used Cola style), new lid gasket, tank tube cleaner, and an adjustable sprayer tip if you prefer that over the stationary fan tips installed. Only thing wrong with the system in a small piece if rubber missing on the bottom of the tank. As you can see, the tank still stands up just fine. $175 plus shipping. Unable to get photo to upload. I can email or text picture. Pm or 810-358-9574 Brent
  6. More likely that your window has/is shifted off track
  7. Use the search tool. Every topic you have started has been gone over multiple times.
  8. bamh5

    19 Ram

    Wrong make oops...tintdude can you move this over to Dodge
  9. bamh5

    19 Ram

    The door panels have 3 10mm bolts then they can be pulled off. After taking off one, I realized I only needed to pull the top of the panel back. You may only need to take one 10mm out behind the handle but I did all three. The back was a slider. The two outer windows for the slider meet right up to the border of matrix, not leaving too to hide the edge. I ended up having to trim the top of those on the inside.
  10. bamh5

    19 Cherokee

    Only did the front two...still the same as the old ones. One 10 mm bolt and the top of the panel can be pulled back. I looked at the back window, looks the same as the Compass with the spoiler being in the way of the top border.
  11. It has not been signed or turned down by Gov. Snyder. Even if it passes, it won't take effect for 90 days. He wrote four priors on the ticket to show your a hibitual offender. Just in case you take it to court, he will say it is not your first time and you knew it was illegal.
  12. Been tracking this since February. They have amended it four times. Actually makes the law more restricting. No more 5% on the rears. The law also doesn't state what the penatly for violation would be. The third amendment would only allow police to enforce window film as a secondary inspection on a stop. That was now taken out. If there is no penalty for violating the law, there is no point in having it. The law may be changed to a 90 day misdemeanor...and they may be hiding that from the bill.
  13. bamh5

    2019 Traverse

    Only tinted the front two windows. Door panel has (5) 7mm bolts. 1- behind door pull handle 2- under door grip rubber trim 2- two on the very bottom of the panel
  14. Probably a tint meter. Not needed in Michigan, because you can just measure 4 inches from the top to determine if it's illegal.
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