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  1. This one actually works better I had the portable inflater pictured above it gets really hot and the hose pops off the inflater I’ve gone through 3 in the past few months the one I’m picturing I’ve had over 2 years
  2. Yup I’m about 5’9 same here I just pull my piece from the slitter straight top edge I reverse roll it pull the liner about 3 feet spray the window with plenty of slip apply the film do a T tack along the upper top and right tacked on the middle continue to unroll the film as a spray. B inside of the film adhesive side comes out perfect every time I trim the bottoms after I pull the liner therefore not having to Go back up the ladder and come back down to cut both my edges with the five way wrapped in a very good paper towel like bounty super absorbent. Has attacked the upper portion I also immediately but my top edge with a five way too wrapped in a paper towel to eliminate any kind of contamination dripping downward . Good paper towels are key though.
  3. How do you use it?How do you use it?
  4. I have LinkedIn how How does it work? I have it just don’t know how to use it
  5. That’s all you have ever used for what? And why?
  6. Yes I’ve actually installed film for 19 years. I’m trying to get into blinds stuff like that to add to my window film I’ve taken down lots of blinds I’m sure I can learn to put them up and sell them as well kind of create cross leads to each other .
  7. Anyone know of any good schools or where I would like to get into this industry I’ve been in the residential commercial industry for 19 years just trying to add new things to my business . I’m located in so cal.
  8. I noticed they sell them in some of the film catalogs for two catalogs but what is the reasoning behind it what purpose do they serve?
  9. The tinter prob thought that should be fine I doubt they will notice If they do I will just redo it
  10. The tinted probably thought , They will never see this because they probably never roll it down