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  1. Thx if you have melayeze help you get started you soon like him will be making 1.7 million a year and redos up the arse.
  2. Just start by trial and error
  3. But he makes 1.7 million with those standards lol yea right I’d believe it if he was 3M dealer but doubt that too by seeing his spelling doubt he could read a contract anyhow oh well it is what it is lots of delusional people in this industry
  4. First learn how to spell second try having higher standards what said you allow to leave your shop along with 1.7 mill tells me your here trolling and you need new glasses no offense but your posts don’t make any cents
  5. Melayeze your work must be horrible plain and simple hang it up
  6. It’s so annoying our job is difficult enough as it is
  7. Wouldn’t go near that thing I would quote it the same as a Tesla model 3 😆
  8. Nice work tinteastwood The only issues I have with that type of film is getting any little creases along the edge or contamination it really shows up any tips or tricks?
  9. It’s really starting to make me dislike our industry and throw in the towel all kinds of vehicles with defroster issues and electronics they get damaged or could possibly get damaged is making me want to leave the auto industry anybody else feel the same? Tesla’s and Mercedes and dodge windshields come to mind. Twenty years of tinting getting over all the possible liabilities
  10. This one actually works better I had the portable inflater pictured above it gets really hot and the hose pops off the inflater I’ve gone through 3 in the past few months the one I’m picturing I’ve had over 2 years
  11. Yup I’m about 5’9 same here I just pull my piece from the slitter straight top edge I reverse roll it pull the liner about 3 feet spray the window with plenty of slip apply the film do a T tack along the upper top and right tacked on the middle continue to unroll the film as a spray. B inside of the film adhesive side comes out perfect every time I trim the bottoms after I pull the liner therefore not having to Go back up the ladder and come back down to cut both my edges with the five way wrapped in a very good paper towel like bounty super absorbent. Has attacked the upper portion I also immediately but my top edge with a five way too wrapped in a paper towel to eliminate any kind of contamination dripping downward . Good paper towels are key though.