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  1. 30 years, yes sir. Started at 16 yrs old now I'm 47. Not always full time but always tinting.
  2. That building and setup is absolutely stunning! I would live there if it were mine. If I may ask, at that initial cost what is your projected time to recoup such an investment?
  3. Start with a mid level film. In my experience 3 separate levels is too much. A mid level film with a lifetime warranty and a premium ceramic option should be plenty. The bargain hunter looking for a $99 tint job is often not worth the effort. I would recommend 5%, 20% and 35% as they are the most popular. If someone wants something else then order it with a deposit on the job. Hope this helps and best of luck to you.
  4. Looking for some input. I do not do vinyl wraps. I have removed a lot of vinyl over the years but never a full wrap. The car is coming in in a few days for my to give an estimate on removing his wrap. I am just looking for any insight from someone who has done it. I'm not even sure I will accept the job based on current workload. I'm assuming steam and or heat gun will be the best method. Thank you in advance for any advice.