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  1. I'm looking for some insight. A local dealership took in an X7 on trade that is tinted with what appears to be an almost clear film. Damage on one window that needs replaced. Ceramic I'm sure but much lighter than the 70% I have. It does have a very light blue hue to it. Does this film sound familiar to anyone? Thank you
  2. Wait a minute. Absolutely nowhere in your post did you mention how many cars you tint a day, how many thousands of dollars you make before lunch or that you can tint the tallest of flat glass windows while magically levitating without the need for a ladder. Are you sure you are a window tinter? I'm still a few years away from 60 but can I qualify for the senior group based on my arthritis? Anyway, welcome back!
  3. My only advice is to do the math. I recently switched to a plotter etc and it helps a lot but like most others here I tint full time. If you are only tinting on the side then the time saved/extra jobs might not offset the cost of the equipment.
  4. BTW, My back doors don't open, hopefully that's not an issue. BTW, I have to be at work in an hour how long will this take? (They were 3 hours past when it was supposed to be dropped off and the job was to tint all windows on an Expedition) BTW from the custy = Bring Your Wallet cause it's gonna cost you extra.
  5. 30 years, yes sir. Started at 16 yrs old now I'm 47. Not always full time but always tinting.
  6. That building and setup is absolutely stunning! I would live there if it were mine. If I may ask, at that initial cost what is your projected time to recoup such an investment?
  7. Start with a mid level film. In my experience 3 separate levels is too much. A mid level film with a lifetime warranty and a premium ceramic option should be plenty. The bargain hunter looking for a $99 tint job is often not worth the effort. I would recommend 5%, 20% and 35% as they are the most popular. If someone wants something else then order it with a deposit on the job. Hope this helps and best of luck to you.
  8. Looking for some input. I do not do vinyl wraps. I have removed a lot of vinyl over the years but never a full wrap. The car is coming in in a few days for my to give an estimate on removing his wrap. I am just looking for any insight from someone who has done it. I'm not even sure I will accept the job based on current workload. I'm assuming steam and or heat gun will be the best method. Thank you in advance for any advice.
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