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Mini Reef tank


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A local fish store, a mom and pop outfit called "The ocean floor". We have been wanting to do this for a long time.

We already keep tropicals and Chinese goldfish in 4 other tanks. Our apartment is getting a little crowded with tanks :bingo

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Guest Braud Spectrum

Nice TD :thumb The salt water fish are so much more colorful....but expensive. :bingo I've heard it's more to deal with than tropicals. :lol Or maybe it's just the waiting :lol

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Not too much different than what we are used to as far as how much time we spend maintaining our other tanks.. Alot of new stuff to learn, that's for sure.

We got a 12 gallon mini reef tank and stand, 15 pounds of live sand and 12.5 pounds of live Fiji rock for about 360.00 $

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that is sweet :bingo I have bad luck with fish..I can't even keep a Goldfish away from the mighty "flush" My plastic fish have been doing quite well though :thumb

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