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New Range Rover Trim Problem NEED HELP!! & B/G Ins

Guest chip01

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Tinted one of the new range rovers last week, I pulled the panels at the top and removed the rubber gasket to install and put it back after installation, however on all of the door panels I have found that that where the panel meets the gasket there is a slight gap that was not there before, the panel is fully on and I have taken I completly off its on all of them so there must be a problem. I have got to sort it out cuz the customer is going off his head.

Also, I had a few problems with the back window, even though it is really easy when I came to install the plastic moulding purtrudes and as you install it touches the film and you get contam. I didn't really want to remove it cuz most other tints don't. I was using the same usual technquie (THE FRANKINSKIEN) and then tried to tuck the film underneath but kept creasing in the film can anyone help with this as well.

Thanks chip

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Can't help you too much on the RR Chip but I did do a new Disco a couple of days back.

I didn't want to remove the trim either so therefore I had to install it all in place and it has those recessed rubber like the RR.

I bet the owner is cracking a wobbly re your install but these muthas are on my h@te list to avoid at all costs.

devil :thumbdown

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it's probably due to the fact you need to replace the clips on the door panel - maybe they are not going in or they could be a little stretched??


That would be the first thing I would look at.

I have a love h@te thing with L.Rovers, I see many of them each week for various trim and interior problems.

Rovers have a unique way of installing trim parts, some easy and obvious and others not so obvious.

Look at wether it is supposed to tuck under anything at the ends

or the placement of the gasket.

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Guest Tint Wiz

Is this the brand new shape Range Rover ? if so when you take out the chrome strip it has the seal attached to it right , when you put it back you need to line the edge or the plastic strip up with the clips that are still in the top of the door panel,so you just line them up and push the strip into place and then just squeeze the top of the door panel and seal together and the gap should close up it is the same as the BMW 3 series and 5 and 7 they are made the same hope this helps :spit

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