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Winter months blues.....

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I've read on here that the winter months are the slowest of all. So, what do you guys do to stay afloat during these times. I've tinted part time for 3 years, so the winter months I don't tint at all. Just wondering if you all just sit and wait or do you all do other things???? :lol6

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My system works great ..I work hard and charge lots in the summer and budget for the winter. ..I don't have to make a dime from November till March ..picks up in April again ..when the phone does ring in the winter , I look forward to having some extra spending money instead of putting into bills to survive ..also budget for at least 2 trips to the Carrabean .

I've been doing this for yrs now and it works great, I'd rather charge more and save the difference in money when demand is high ,rather than give my services away in the winter and degrade myself with cheap prices to get by . :lol6

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Id thought of remote starters ..but wouldn't even know where to begin . Is there a training course for it like the window tint biz through distributers?

Would I be as competint in remote starters after a training course like you are after a weekend tint training course :wall

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