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where to get hard cards

Guest alphatinter

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Guest alphatinter

I've been looking all over, homedepot, lowes, autozone, can not find hardcards. I know I can order them, just did not want to pay $6 to ship a $1.25 card. any ideas? :shoot4

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Guest alphatinter

thanks thats a good idea, I think I might order from film rep. Im new, and not sure what I need, what they are called, like what is a "bigfoot" and do I need one? I just want what I need, I don't want to buy an $80 kit, that I will only use 4-5 things out of the 12-15 that comes with the kit

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everybody uses different stuff

I like the teflon gold cards, they dont scratch film when they are new

it is worth trying out different tools to find the ones that work best for you

44tools.com has loads of tools

so does every major film vendor

you can find the butterfly style ones in a paint and body supply store

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You can also substitute Gold teflon for the MMM gold (same material in each), use these for heat forming and hard card purposes...

Black or blue teflons have good drag on film surfaces... translates into more effective in moisture removal when used bare (no towel wrap)...

Side Swiper for those deep recesses of back glass that need effective squeegee action... generics are available if you don't want the LLumar logo on the tool.

Bulldozer and Scrubber... great for deep back glass cleaning and squeegeeing and will go behind many brake likes easily... generics are available if you don't want the LLumar logo on the tool.

I'd buy the Olfa SVR-2 knife instead of Red dot... works the same, costs less...

I'd use a Wagner heat gun over a Wilnotheat gun... $30 Mil's have a switch that cuts them off when they get too hot (wouldn't want to be looking for another to finish that back glass in a pinch)

Consider the Blue Max 'squared' (no bevel) with a small jaw crusher handle... far superior (moisture removal) performance to any combination out there...

Careful with the Lil' Chizler they will scratch film with too much push pressure... and be sure they are the originals and not a knock-off (it will say Lil' Chizler with one 'Z')...

44tools sells FilmOn and DirtOff... highly recommended application and glass prep solutions, mix according to bottle or up to double the instructions... if FilmOn does not give you good slip, add a drop of Prell shampoo to the mix. Nix the Baby shampoo... it has glycerin, which a known adhesion inhibitor (similar to silicone).

Get a couple of inexpensive white flat bed sheets to throw over seats, beck decks for dust, fiber and hair control... and to help enhance the use of drop lights used inside to see through film for trimming edges.

4 trash cans... one for each corner of the car to keep the place looking clean and professional.

Some large bath towels to throw over the painted surface of the car so any tools laid down on the roof or trunk do not damage the paint.

Spray type vinyl, leather and plastic protectant or treatments to take care of any streaks on interior panels.

Roll around stool to save having to be on your knees...


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Yep, everyone uses different tools. Especially the choice in hard-cards vary significantly. I like the grey cards. I also have a bunch of white ones. If I remember correctly, the grey ones were the most rigid available through 44tools. I also have a chizler for small quarters.

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