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What do you spend it all on

Guest potzy

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I was just woundering what everyone spends all there hard earned cash on.... :thumb

Me and my brother has just booked a Kevin Schwantz track school over in the states for next April 6 7 8th, its shite load of money but fookit im only 34 once (race number) and been a fan spanding the whole of Schwantz's career so had to be done eh....so if theres any fellow tinters living near Road Atlanta race track I dont supose you could put us up :lol6 checky sod arent I, well theres no harm in asking I guess :beer

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Guest glassguy

you mean we are supposed to make $$ tinting?????

to think all these years and still no $$$ to spend on anything!

damn tint ho's keepin the price too low to make a buck or two.

but sped my hardly earned cash on women big fat greasy women!

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Guest tintgod

2 cars, 1 truck, 1 minivan

2 kids



gonna try to get back into snowboarding this winter since the kids are older now.  :beer


you have a mini van??...man you are getting old :lol6

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I spend mine on-  :lol6 weed-women and wine! :thumb  Just kiddin! I dont like wine! ss


ha ha...sweet, ive been ploughing every minute of every day in for the past six months preparing for the winter and thought ...sod it, got no kids, aint married but got a bird il treat myself :beer

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