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3rd eye

Guest zolar

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another easy one

A small mirror and some painters tape help you to see behind 3rd brake lights

if you need to see the slip getting pushed out, or left behind :hmmm

helps with the civics to cover the light, without pulling the whole rear of the car apart

heres the result :hmmm

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yeah a fine honda matrix..but a short one

and easy to glue

a little notch on the top pass side for the antenna connector

instead of in the middle like the older ones

back glass is cake to shrink :lol

squeegeeing out behind the light is a beeyotch

I threw everything at it.... Clipboard, conqueror, side swiper,

2 black & whites in different shapes, red devil

I should have bit the bullet and pulled the deck

but I won in the end :hmmm

It will be back for the roll-ups and quarters in a few days

I will put up a thread in Makes & models on the 2 door

:hmmm these cars are selling like mad here

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Great idea, I can't remember how many times I've had to get in and out of the car chasing a small bubble down behind a brakelight. :hmmm


My old knees count off each time I get in and out too :hmmm

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