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This phrase I was left with on the bottom line of an email that was to confirm my booking for a guy who wanted his car tinted.

Here is my reply............


No offence intended but if you are as you say a "fussy p" then perhaps you are unintentionally expecting actual glass quality rather a retro fitted aftermarket solar film product?

Film will not be for you because there are an incredible amount of variables that affect the outcome of the installation.

One of the most important factors is the glass surface where the eye cannot pick up the irregularities in it prior to the fitting of any film.

It is only when tinting is applied over this surface that trapped impurities can/may show up as tiny specks when a conscious effort is made to search for them.

Film also has to have a liner removed off it and then transported to the vehicle's glass as quickly as possible in order to eliminate any airborne matter. This is sometimes an impossible task even though it may take only a few seconds.

You only have to observe sunlight rays streaking through a window at home to indicate the astonishing amount of dust contaminate in the atmosphere.

Interiors too are all full of dust and rear shelf material fibres can be incredibly linty that pose problems for one whom may be expecting something like glass.

I too am a "super fussy p" and that's why I would prefer to renege the invite to do the installation. That way nobody gets disappointed and problems are quashed before they have a chance to arise.

I have put in too many years in window tinting not to recognise a situation before it can occur and fortunately I am professional enough to tell it as it is in our industry.

I hope you have the understanding to see where I'm coming from?



PS. I think we should call a spade a spade occasionally because a grief before the job ain't worth any lousey money.

What do you think?

Did I call it right?


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Good call, did he reply?

There have been a couple of times I should have knowingly passed up a job. When they have got there faces so close to the glass and are muttering about seeing something 'at this angle' I just want want to put there face through the window! :rollin

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Guest shadetree

To me, that means he has looked around and seen the imperfections on other tinted vehicles. Customers like this are nothing but a PITA! You made the right call. Money is nothing when it comes to grief and stress. It's not worth it. The text in your email to him explains the aftermarket aspect perfectly.


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Guest tint rookie

wise call.

had a similar situation I wish I handled the same from the get go.

resin overspray, all over the glass, (im sure you remember the vw wagon post)

ended up re doing it once b4 figuring out the culprit. as the flaws reoccured in the exact same areas.

he removed the film himself, polished the glass himself, calls back explaining he now has no product and deserves another free tint job.

(why so I can make his swirl marks stand out, now?)

im sorry but if a guy buys a new black suit, has it tailored, wheres it in public, realizes he has a dandruff problem because its hey, a black suit, throws the suit away, and goes back to the tailor demanding a new one...... whats his answer gonna be?

once again, good call DEVIL

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Guest tinterjim

I admire your choice to pass on the job, but I most likely would have done it. I have found that "those" customers , when they see the job finished are usually very satisfied and are always extemely loyal. BUT, on the other hand, it could have ended up exactly like you said. :eyebrows Alot of stress for pennies :gasp:please


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rarely I get occasions like that, but I sure wish sometimes there werent any at all.

people except everything to be so damn perfect........and when you look at the person they arent perfect.

I think enough has been said on how we all feel on this thread.

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