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Ford Regency Trucks

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Anybody see the regency package available with ford trucks? Comes with the windows tinted with a choppy 1 inch gap! Got to R & R one of these today :lol2 job regency

This is what I retinted today http://www.regencyrep.com/f250badlander.html waste of good money IMO

Absolutely terrible leather interior, everything looked like a raisin. Take it to a pro and get it done right. Ive seen a handful of these around the area, none with good tint installs.

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From the factory or a dealership?

We all know those in house dealership jobs are terrible.

I don't know what it is about this industry that makes people and dealerships think any kid off the street can tint.

Everyone seems to realize that there are skills involved in trades like painting, but why in the world do they think tint work isn't just as demanding (or more so, if you ask me) than any of the other skilled trades?

Burns my ass.

When people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them window tinting, they look at me like I'm a burger flipper. SUX.

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They modify 5000 vehicles a year and sell to 250 dealerships across the country. Totally undermines the people who do quality work.

My customer told me that its all warrantied from "the factory".... whatever

what a salesmen told me is that anything installed on the vehicle before the sale is quallified under the manufacturer warranty, and if the factory didnt do it then the dealer has to cover it.

dont know if its true, but sounds good.

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