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Matching factory tint


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I am interested in coming up with a list of tints that match factory tint of various vehicles. After all these years I still have trouble matching films by eye at times. But matching factory coatings should be pretty easy.

Maybe I can throw it all in a spreadsheet when we get some. Im not interested in what you've used on what vehicles unless it was an exceptional close match. I'm not trying to endorse any brands or say who's better. Just colors...

Any starters?

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I only use Sungard Slate film for auto and it matches pretty well. It is a bit less black, but it works. I have used the enurance film in the past and it matches very well to the reflectivity of the old premium glass on the ford products

only found a few that the slate doesn't work well enough for

I just tell them that they won't get an exact match no matter what as the factory is dyed glass

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:lol2:rollin freakin manufactures seem to just want to p1ss us off don't they

what about the stinking lexus with the gold looking glass? I am lucky that I don't have to see too many of that sort, but one of these days I probably will run across one

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Guest darkdan

I find that the global QDP matches most truck/suv factory glass pretty well. The color is spot on from the inside out.

I know the 3M CS 50% on my dad's 04 F150 looks great from outside, but from inside is off a bit.

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