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Question about Defroster Lines

Guest syusukee

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Guest syusukee

Hi, I was wondering if since my car's defroster lines are destroyed (caused by the previous owner of the car during his removal of tint) and I plan to remove and retint the entire car, does that mean whenever the rear window fogs up I won't be able to see anything/get rid of the fog? If so, are there any solutions to fix the defroster lines? thanks!

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Guest tintdawg

They will, most likly never work again. Sorry. If you don't intend to retint, you can use a product called FogX. You cannot use this if it has tint on it.

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Guest darkdan

Yes, it does well at removing frogs.

And yes, my defroster on my vic works. My TBird had one broken line, but it's rare to use either.

Rain-X fog ROCKS! I use it on the inside of my safety glasses. However, it states right on the bottle, "Do not use on things with scratch resistant coatings."

Which means "non-tint safe", but I guess the marketing department decided that most people wouldn't know that tint has a SR coating. Putting "not safe for tint" could hurt sales.

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