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My Neon now owns a very expensive tint job...

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I did the doors today and short of a little incident involving peeling the liner, then forgetting and walking off and yelling and throwing things at my employee, it's was a near perfect job. I took it for a spin and boy can I tell you it's fricken awesome. I actually ended up turning off the AC after about 5 minutes on low because I got cold and goosebumbs, which isn't bad in the hot New Mexico sun. I finished the backglass just now, and short of it being a little difficult to shrink, it went without a hitch. I think on a little less curved backglasses it will work awesome, just needs a lot of heat. I'm going to order the UP75 and do my windshield too. I still can't get over how well it works, everyone was amazed when I was tinting the door glasses, you could hold it in front of the sun and it instantly got cool, just like standing in the shade. I hope I can sell one of these jobs, I offered a bonus to whoever can sell one, so we will see what happens, but at 4-5x a normal job, it'll be a hard sell. I will get some pictures up soon, but I'm in love.

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