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A tough day - my little baby is in hospital

Guest naughtydog

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Guest naughtydog

My wife and I have had a tough few days...my son who is nearly 8 months old has suffered with a virus for about 3 months , this makes him struggle for breath and very wheezy.

About 2 weeks ago we had to get him rushed by ambulance into hospital and last night at 2.00am my wife had to take him in as he was struggling to breathe!!

I had a full diary today and after a slack week could'nt really afford to turn the jobs down so I dropped my 6 year old daughter of at hospital for a few hours and one of my friends picked here up a little later.

It's nice to have reliable people to fall back on when the chips are down.

My little one will have to stay in hospital for a few days more and my wife is shattered as well as him - they both neeed some quality rest.

Here's a picture of him from last week - and one from today!

Off to bed now myself - I feel totally drained with it all.




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