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500 posts guess I'll introduce myself

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

Hi everybody,

I'm Harold from Arizona, I tinted my first car in High School, then started to do a couple of buddies cars, then I got into car stereo and alarms, moved to Phoenix decided I didn't like being contorted under dash boards and in trunks, so got a job at a shop as a tint "helper", bought some film and spent alot of time doing and redoing my car until I got it "perfect" and went from there, I spent 13 1/2 years working for dealers doing tint, and was doing side jobs evenings and weekends for about 9 of those years, and 2 years ago decided I had enough clients built up and was sick of working for someone else, so I went out on my own.

I have been reading this board for probably a year now, and joined a few months ago, I have seen alot of people come and go, I hope to stay around and hopefully contribute somethig helpful every now and then.

The reason I waited so long to introduce myself, is sometimes I tend to come off a little well............. for lack of a better term "like Willie" :lol2 and I wanted everyone to get used to me first.

Mr. Ric you have an awesome site here and everyone I have talked to either on pm or on the phone has been very knowlegable and friendly :beer

Thanks, I guess I will stop rambeling now :beer:beer

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