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pictures of tool to pull back gaskets

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hey , I know there was a post on this site of somoene showing a hojmemade toll to pull back gaskets, but the link isnt working out it and im really interested to see what he made it out of, I mostly tuck all of the time, but a couple cars here and there I pulll panles, but this would really come in handy

if ne one has pics of their homemade tools for pulling back gaskets id like to see a picture of it, thanks alot !

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paint masks?

hurll yeah :dunno

just like a gasket wiz but no bungee

cut 'em to length and slide behind the gaskets

great for not getting felt remnants on Caprices and Crown vics

J has them for less than $2 for a pack of 6 I think

I havent bought them in a while they last a long time

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