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Pontiac 4door G6 panel pull

Guest MidcoastMW

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Guest MidcoastMW

well I pulled all the panels and seals on this car so I can do the best job. I just got to the driver door and the panel is a bit diffrent because it has all the window controls. I got the controller to pop out just a lil, but something is still holding it in.....

How do I get this one off?????

:inot :inot :inot :barf

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Guest MidcoastMW

fair enough.........

For those who arent scared to pull panels this will make even easier work out of an already easy car!!


2 plastic plugs on the outside/rear edge of the panel.

trap door behind door handle, pop open with micro screw driver and you'll see a torx screw.

next look at the door handle you pull the door closed with, theres a silver(or whatever color the interior is) plastic trim peice around it. CAREFULLY pop that off with a small screwdriver. 2 torx screws under that.

Then just pop off the panel, regular plugs around the edge.


same as rear, but only 1 plastic plug on outer edge.


same as rest except the handle you pull it shut with is diffrent due too the window controls etc..

(this was the part that got me) where you put your hand, theres a cubby hole area some people may leave some change in it. Grab a micro-screw driver and pry up the rubber bottom...it comes up like a floor mat to reveal 2 torx screws.

After you pull the panels the seals pop right out and also pull the rubber trim that goes around the window frame, they remove and install with ease.

With all that out of the way to can easily pull off a contamination/spec-free tint job on the doors!! :inot





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