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can anyone do it?

Guest tintbitch

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I've heard rumors of a guy I used to work with, said he could do in 1 piece, but I'm callin' BS on that one. I only get one about every 2-3 years, and that's too often. Last one was about 2 months ago. 2 pieces. Didn't even attempt 1 piece. I would rather have the trots for a week than ever tint another one.

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Yes, I can do them in 1 piece but they are hard and not for the weak. I also get $250 for the back window only in 1 . 2 piece $175 3 piece $150 $30 more for 1/4 mindows

Like I said I can but they are a pain in the A$$ and I get the money to do them.

I see about 2-3 a yrs the come and the chit the pants too I tell them take somewere else if you don't like the price LOL

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Guest Braud Spectrum

Me too GusThe Tinter but it was a fight. Lotsa discouraging words that day. I never wanna see another one of those. What a strange curve! They are too much aggravation. Climbing up and down hauling huge pieces blowing in the wind. Especially having to work in the barn with cows mooing around and chickens at my feet. Those cows aren't potty trained either! :mrgreen:

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