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Anyone use JWF NS-25 frequently for commercial applications? Its described as having a "Reverse hybrid construction -- aluminum metallized layer with a charcoal dyed film (dual reflective)". Will this stuff fade or turn purple over time? Seems like it would since it is also a non sputtered film. If it will, how long do you think it would take to turn facing south (ohio)? Looking for some serious insight on this guys. Climber?

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

I haven't used the Night Scape, but I have used all of their other flat glass films, they held up OK here in AZ

I do have some MG05 on my house, and I am quite suprised with that, it still has its original color (I compared it to a piece I saved off the roll that was in a closet, no sun exp) :spit

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Guest vclimber

If the UV absorbers are in the adhesive layer only and it has dyed layer then it is only a matter of time before it goes.

My guess would be yes based on what I have seen happen to J around here... maybe they fixed it though? :beer

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I've installed a little bit of it, and it's super cool looking film, but it was only about a year or so ago, not enough time for long-term results.

I did have a glass breakage claim on a dual pane window, so be carefull, but Johnson has been easy to work with and the film installs very nicely. I like Johnson's Dry Adhesive. :thumb

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