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ford slider window

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I dont know if anyone has tried this or even if it has been posted before. but you know how hard the seals are on the backglass of the f series trucks with sliders. most of the time I trim seals but found it hard to trim these trucks because of the hardness of the seals. some on here metioned they use black caulk to hide the gap. heres what I do. and it takes a steady hand and alot of nerve but the end result cant be matched I promise. get inside and get comfortable, take you heat gun up and down the hard seal at about a 2 to 3 inch stroke, then trim. the heat will make the seal soft and it will trim off like a hot butter knife through butter. then go another 2 to 3 inch swipe with your gun and trim. keep doing this until you have trimmed the entire seal. lay your film on the outside and cut oversize. when you slide it in on inside it will hide that gap that is hard to get on the f series :evilgrin

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I think its been posted, but GOOD reminder.

never tried it though, we pull em.

one day when im by myself and get one I will bust out this method for sure

are you sure we're talking about the same rear ford window. :bingo im talking about the ford sliders not the solid glass. the solid glass seals are easy to trim because the rubber is soft, or you can pull'em. but the sliders have hard plastic seals down the outer edges that are near impossible to trim unless you heat'em

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