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09 Corolla


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This car has been changed from the earlier models.

Bad news : the 3rd brake light is much tighter against the back glass but is still tintable with a bulldozer (push downward , then slide to the left or right of the brake light , then lift away to avoid pulling the film up)

Good news : the gaskets pull our REAL easy so no panel removal or tucking ..just remove 1 screw where the door handle is .

1/4 glass looks like it's the same as the other years.

So other than a tighter brake light , not a bad car :poop

Oh yeah..if your picking up one of these from the dealer..watch it fly when you hit the gas..this thing eats the older corollas for dinner :bingo

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Also the rear interior quarter panels leave a lot less room for hiding the film behind the black border on the back glass. I use my white pushstick to seperate the panel from the glass just a little and slide the film in between. Still have to leave about a quarter inch overcut on the rollups due to shifting windows. :spam

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