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Moving to Dry Shrink

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Don't laugh...

I have been set in my ways and am a wet back glass shrinker. I need to get with the times and get a big fat heat gun (or two) and move into the dry shrink world. I have and will re-read the shrinking tips... just wondered if there was some magic formula that is most popular. Baby power or dryer sheets, etc.

I know in the end, just fartin' with it will be my guide, but I thought there may be a few tips to be had.

Are you laughing yet? :mad

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as far as TW two gun method, I'd use only one if I was gonna be practicing until you get used to reading the film. the 2 gun deal could shrink way faster than what you might expect being a rookie and all :mad just my .02 oh, and TTS and myself have some detailed instructions and pics in our posts in the TOTW section on powder shrinking as well. :duel

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Guest Litespeeds

If you use dryer sheets, I would suggest to get Bounce. I tried using the Kirkland brand from Costco and didn't like the way the film floated over it.

Once you get dry shrinking down, you will wonder why you never tried it sooner.

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I Baby powder everything and sometimes I even use it on rolldowns, too.

:shock what cars would you do this on? I usually just heat the odd finger on doors wet method..and do dry on back glass.

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Dry shrinking is so much easier one you have it down. It pays off after the install cause there is less fingers to chase. The film seems to lay better when dryshrunk. I learned from a video from SG that they charged me for :shock . They showed both powder and dryer sheet method. I started with powder but switched to dryer sheet because of the powder in the air idea. Both ways work for me but after learning on TD about wetting the glass before applying the sheet I never went back to powder. I think it's whatever you comftorable with. My partner still used powder.

Wish this site was here before I bought the video but I have no regrets. :shock

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