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silver 15 on auto


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What's you location? (put it in your profile) I'm pretty sure reflective films (over a certain % reflection) aren't legal in most states. You can always call the local PD and ask for their enforcement policy. :thumb

wow! didn't I make that suggestion? ,and people laughed.see what I mean when I ask "whats your location"? :cold

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highly !llegal. I drove around for about 9 months before I started getting harassed daily

Nice job on the car bro! I know it's !llegal but DAMN :spit I think that's tight! Excellant flame design! :rollin

thanks man :spit . back when I was working for "carolina tint" it was definitely a rolling billboard for the shop. I wanted the flames to be different then most so we did it that way with the reverse flames cut into it as well.

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