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new 2010 prius


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finally it has come out with a new body style, personally, im a bit dissapointed cause I was excited I heard it was going to get 100mpg or at least close to it, but it will suppose to get 50mpg this time around. the new body style is somewhat ok, we'll, I'll probably end up getting a focken challenger or new mustang cobra or what not :lol

check ithttp://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=8LhkXU37Qqw&...feature=related

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Still could never consider buying one. They are really expensive, and I dont want to ever have to replace all the batteries in one. You can get a Corolla for way less, with 35-40mpg, and prob more reliable. You would have to own a hybrid for a long time before it acutally pays off.

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