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response to anal cops

Guest thetintshop

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Guest MajScooter

In my local area they are no longer hassling the vehicle owner the PD's (FUZZ) are going straight to the tint shops when they pull someone over usually for a secondary offense they are getting the info off the sticker that the tint shop is required to place on the vehicle I know of several shop owners that have appeared in court and recieved some pretty harsh fines.

BUTT!! you cant feel sorry for them they should not have went past the legal limit ,or if they did they should'nt put there sticker on the car :?

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Guest tintchick

Ok boys,,,a lil help from the tintchick whos married to a copper in Cali,,,heres the way it goes straight from the hubbys mouth,,,,There is the "letter" of the law and the "spirit" of the law. It is up to each person who travels to know the laws of the state they're traveling to. California has super strict laws that don't even exist in other states,,,If I want to black out my windows or if my husband wants to carry his firearm out of state we better know the laws of that state. Tint in Nevada or Arizona, or carrying a weapon there is fine for us, but if we go back east and try this we could land in jail for the firearm and fined for the ticket,,it is true that ticketing someone for tint out of state is rare and its a pain in the butt for the officer to do so chances are they won't cite you out for the tint unless you're just being a complete a*hole about it and the cop decides to fill in all the cite violations on the ticket,,,bottom line,,,,know the laws where you're going and if you don't want to change anything then just be prepared of the consequences,,,,but getting tint tickets out of state are rare,,at least here

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Guest Eazytint

yes many state word the law "No person shall operate a vehicle blah blah blah" which makes it illegal regardless of where the car came from, but I would assume most people would not get tickets if it is legal in the home state.

The laws are different in each state so we cant make a statement to cover them all, In PA you can pass inspection with illegal tint, but you can get ticketed, in NJ you will not pass inspection. Each state make up their own BS laws.

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Guest Eazytint

vehicle manufaturers are bounded by FMVSS 205, the windows of passenger vehicles can not be below 70 % VLT, state laws govern after the sale.

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