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#1 By "blueyes"

Welding Screen for Peeling Board

Ive been using this for a while and it really helps if you are tinting in a area that isnt as clean as you would like. or if thier is a breeze coming in you cant control. ( guys in the shop complain its to hot in here open the doors!) A welding screen is made of a thick plastic. once it is framed up you can stick your film on it to peel off of. It also helps with curved back glass pieces that tend to roll off of glass. The matierial bends so it will hold even curved pieces. you can manuver the frame to stand close to you while you are sticking door glass. you can actually peel and stick without not even leaving your seated position. Since the film isnt traveling all the way across the shop you should expect to get no contaminates in the film at all. Hope this helps.

#2 By "tintpro2007"

White Card Trick

Sometimes using a light to see the border at the bottom of a back glass for handcutting the pattern, just doesn't work especially with darker films, so I found a trick that I use... Just jam your white card on the inside and bingo!


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Guest StreetsAheadWindowTinting

I must remember to flog one of my brothers new Lincoln screens before he melts the living hell out of it, lol.

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