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Love or Hate Colour ??

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Hi there ! Been tinting for many yrs with great great results and no customer complaints..I notice that there's been a trend in my area where people are asking for trendy colours..the decorative kind..ei green,orange,red,blue,etc.My Llumar distributer shy's me away from these films saying they are not intended for automotive and won't warranty them as such..should I keep turning down the business for these requests..have you guys had good results in heatshrinking these films..any come back to you with premature film failure? thanx for any imput from users of these films :)

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got ya as far as the color films though I hahvent done enough of it to give a opionon to be honest I normaly tell the customers it will look stupin on thier car and the ones I have done never came back but they could have sold the cars who knows but I did a few years ago make some black cherry tint for my own car I put rose on first then a charcola 35 on behind that I had a red car and man did it look sweetmatched the car beautifuly and I had alot of people ask me what kind of tint that was but when I told em double install double price they didnt want it anymore

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The color films do not shrink as well at auto films. We have done alot of color film backed with silver to give it a metalic look for the ricers. I wouldn't pass the buisness up. As long as you explain to the customer it is not under warranty than there shouldn't be a problem. I always try to steer them away from color film though.

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Guest metint

Since the crash washed away my last post on this subject, I post it again.

LLumar colors act similar to AT films, however they are intended for decorative or graphics uses. Check with your local laws as to the legalities of colors on cars other than bronze, smoke/grey/char and neutral metallic.


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ever notice the pople who ask for the color films allways have the ugliest cars and are so happy when the say I want red tint to match the car what do you think and when you tell them the truth they get such a sad look on thier face

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Guest tintshopplus

What brand of color films do you use Custom Effects? Also, can anyone suggest a mirror film manufacturer that makes a chrome automotive film? I have also been getting alot of requests for color, mirror, and fader films but have stayed away but now my competitors are beginning to offer it so I am giving it some thought.

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