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Another telephone scam

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Guest TintSolarWorks

Huh. I may have gotten one of those calls a few weeks ago -- they hung up when I said we didn't do automotive tinting. I didn't suspect anything, because relay phone services like that do exist and I used to use one with a deaf friend of mine. However, I did note that the operator didn't seem as professional and competent as the Maryland Relay Service operators I used to deal with. At the time, I just put it down to poor customer service and got back to work.

Here's a link to the article he mentioned: http://www.windowfilmmag.com/index.php/archives/814

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I've havent received those phone calls, but are the operators indian decent?

No. Never. Every call I'v had, the operater is very clear. It does take 30 seconds or so to get a responce for each question....It's like a 10 minute call to get the job.

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Guest teamfutaba

“[The caller] says she is speaking for a deaf person whose vehicle was in an accident and is at the body shop for repairs—repairs that include the re-tinting of windows that were shattered in the accident,” says Fair. “The caller indicates that payment has to be made to the body shop before the tinting can be scheduled then asks the tinter to pre-charge a personal credit card and have the money (check or cash) in the charged amount, ready for pick up to be delivered to the body shop, but the vehicle never shows up for tinting and a month later the charges are declined as they are using stolen credit cards.”

I dont get it... if some slime bag is gonna pick the cash up why not jus blast the biach when they show up... case closed.

sorry, ive been drinking.

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