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What is the best form of advertising?

Guest vwbeck

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What they said. I've never spent a penny on advertising. Don't use manufacturers marketing materials either. After having a rep from a certain major film maker steal my own accounts from me, I refuse to use them. Use your own and build YOUR brand. That makes you noninterchangeable. You want people ask to have your brand installed on their cars. That doesn't mean that you don't include a manufacturers logo in your materials, just that you are #1, they are just a little picture in a brochure. The goal is to be independent and not drink anybody's kool aid but your own.

Speed has done this very effectively.

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$50 spent on film used for demos will go a lot farther than $500 spent on radio, tv, etc. Try doing an install on a showroom floor on a busy weekend and watch what happens.

Create an effective website and tell customers that if they are happy with the job you gave them, that you would appreciate referrals or positive posts on forums. If you have done the job well, the should be more than willing.

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