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alternitive to amonnia

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I used some "Orange Blast" degreaser on a strip job yesterday. I sweated off the back glass on a 94 camry in an hour using this stuff!! I then used the same stuff to take the glue off. No gumming up or anything. It might of been a fluke, but the film was purple and blistered and seperated when I tried to pull it off without doing anything to it. I got it at Wal-Mart. Low prices. Everyday. :lol6:lol

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Guest DontWorryItWillDry
Low prices. Everyday. :idea:lol

Sounds like some of my competition, with the matching quality as some of Wal-Marts Tawianese products. :idea extreme low ballers :idea

Fireman, does this Oarange Blast leave a residue on the glass?

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No residue. I have tried some oil based cleaners, like acetone, and it leaves a slime on the glass. This stuff was like using glass cleaner. Left the glass dry and oil free. Hope this stuff works for you cause huffin' amonnia isn't good for ya'.

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Guest metint

I've used windex with ammonia-d for years with great results, too.

Also heard purple 409 or simple green work well for sweating.

Although, I am curious why the adhesive did not come off with the film and plastic ?


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Guest DontWorryItWillDry

Thanks for the tip Fire! As much as I dread doing cars, I need to take my moms 15 year old Llumar bronze off her 88 Legend. And I'll have someone else tint it again because she wants to keep that thing.

Ever here a car described as being owned by a lil' old lady from Pasedena??? This is it! Garaged the whole time, tint just barely starting to peel, but it has been purplish pink for the past 8 years or so. She only has 90k's on it and still runs like a MoFo!

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Guest IBtintn

whats easy stripper? I use simple green cover with a garbage bag. even on cooler rainy days it works well. just gotta let it sit longer. :idea

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