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just sat down and started to count repeat customers i have done in the last 8 days-out of 34 jobs, 31 were from repeat customers or from word of mouth from a customer-that's over 90%

do you guys also find that most of your work is repeats or new work?

since i'm a 1 man deal-i don't advertise, so i guess i have to rely on the comebacks

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Guest tintmax

Like you, I am a one man operation. Welcome Backs is what i call it. WOM really has also generated leads from satisfied customers. I use ACT to help with email marketing as well.

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since you dont advertise im not surprised 90% of your business is referral.

the question is, where did the rest of the 10% come from? and how to increase the 34 jobs to 43?

at some point and time if you run off just referrals you will hit a wall of how much work will come in. if the money is good enough then thats perfectly fine. but if you ever plan to hire employees and expand; its likely you will have to recruit business in other ways

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Guest Darknesswithin
Referrals always help but sooner or later money on advertising will need to be spent.

yep,, I do very little advertising but it's definitely necessary and not easy to figure out what works the best.

your best tool for cheap advertising is the Internet :thumb certain places help out Alot,, like Google :beer

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