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Roland GX-24 Thoughts


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I am in the market for a plotter but don't yet have several thousand dollars to purchase a 40" wide unit, so I am looking at 2 different units.

1) Roland GX-24 24"

2) US CUTTER 34"

For cost sake, the US CUTTER may be more ideal, but I know Roland makes a great quality product.

However, I am thinking I can do more things with the Roland but my main concern is that the Roland's 22.9" max cutting area is going to be enough to cut roll-ups on tahoes, F250's etc with larger windows.

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I really wouldn't consider anything smaller than a 40" plotter. Its just going to bite you in the ass in the long run when you realize how badass they are and you are stuck with a plotter that can only cut half the windows out there.

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I don't care about cutting rear windows with it other than maybe some wagon/hatch styles. So this is where the 30" US CUTTER might be better but I do not do a lot of hatches/wagons anyway. Until I build my clientle to larger base, I just want to be able to cut my roll ups/quarter windows.

I guess what I am asking is since at some point I'll end up getting a larger unit, am I just better of getting the US CUTTER temporarily since its larger than the Roland GX-24, until I can afford the GX-400 down the road?

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Why not just do it right the first time. I know plenty of people who wished they had bought the bigger plotter, the 72" film handler etc.. instead of saving a few dollars only to cost them more in the long run.

To me its like buying a grill that can only cook one burger

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i know where you are coming from, and am glad i waited and got a 40" graphtec.

i encourage you to look around, there will be something i your budget, keep a very close eye on ebay,craigslist,locals,etc

and the biggest thing is go to all the local car dealers in town and find out how many of them have plotters sitting not used because they cant keep a good installer on task, this is what i did with mine and i ended up scoring the deal of a lifetime!

just keep hunting hard, you will find one for a reasonable price and in a larger size. Don't buy the 24, you'll regret it.

my 2 cents



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