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Anyone ever try this??

Guest benski

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Wasnt sure ecxactly to post this topic, but... has or does anyone while they are out and about running errands, or what ever... see a vehicle that isnt tinted, and try to sell them a tint job... been thinkin about tryin this, but didnt know how the expirence would be, if it would be just picky customers, or even worth my time.. also I would like to make some pamphlets up advertising my business/trade, but should I put a "starting at" price, or just wait for them to call??

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I do something like a pamplet its really just a piece of paper I get laminated with my logo and my pricing for dyed carbon and ceramic for front 2, sedan, and SUV then I put the heat rejection for each. I try to keep it simple bc I hand it out to dealerships and other business's I work with and they usually don't know much about tinting

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Guest thatsnappyguy

Get the static cling decals made with you company info on it...and a "10% off your tint job with this decal." saying on it. Did this for a place that I worked at and it worked all the time.

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Guest VaTinterPMan

I have never done it for a non-tinted car but I have for cars that have Purple or Film Failure on there car...I will leave a Business Card Or if I see them I talk shop...

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I think they are better than business cards for handing out to business bc their hard to lose. Some of them will just tape it down to their desk. Can't really do that with a business card

I found the opposite true when I use to do this . A quote on the back of a business card is more opt to get saved by placing it in a wallet if there is any remote interest.

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