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Window Tinter Auto + Residential Wanted ASAP

Guest pandushi

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Guest pandushi


Hello all....

We are a shop in a nice area ******and are in serious need of meticulous, responsible people who believe only in quality. We are ideally looking for experienced tinters but are also training those with less experience as long as they posses the interest needed in learning and the qualities that make up a good tinter: handiness, patience & perfectionism.

If you are the one, please contact me:

AIM: *************

E: **********

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pandushi, are you going to hit and run on this site?

Please, take a moment and participate on the board, you might even enjoy yourself and make some friends. Please don't exploit this site for gain, without an introduction in the newbie forum.

You might be surprised.

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Guest Sprinter

he forgot to say if you can throw a squegee farther than him your hired! what patience, you feel like a homeless person talking to your self all day long cause joe customer does'nt know he has vent windows in an extended cab pickup, just needs fronts and rear slider done OH forgot about the ex cab window and I just figured the vents were in the front door! :ahole

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Guest denvertinter
ha ha ha ha throw the squeege farther . dont even know how many holes. I patched in the dry wall from throwing mine

Pretty funny.

That's why the shop I've chosen to open has cinder block walls. Cheaper to replace a squeege than patch a wall. :hug

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This post proves my point on my comment on TD question..should you allow anyone to put an addno matter how many posts they have...and I said it 's a good idea to have a few posts, but itdoesn't really matter, cause nobody seems to follow the bulliten at the top of the page anyways..unless you put it in HHUUGGEE & BBOOLLDD letters?? :hug

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Guest chris jolly

Where is your shop located. I am an experienced tinter going on 15yr + also with auto glass installation. Looking to relocate, living in Albuquerque, NM. If interested please email to Loritinter@aol.com or call 505-342-1015. The name is Chris Jolly

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