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Tailights and headlight tint. What film works best?

Guest jls05

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So I ordered a 18" x 15' roll from Laminx and I wasent too happy with the results of it. it looks amazing when your stading 5-10ft away from it but it has like an orange peel look to it and its kinda noticible around the edges. I understand its only film to "protect" the lights but is there something that might work better than laminx?



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where is the best place to get oracle? fellers?


ive been using lamin-x for awhile. I just don't understand why they make the material so damn thick. on some of the lights nowadays they always shrink back and lift on indentions. also have to be careful not to scratch on install. the orange peel seems worse then before as well.


I do know Laminx has jacked there prices up aswell. used to be much cheaper yrs ago.


anybody used the rvinyl films?

had a customer bring it in to put on his headlights and it was pretty much matte non gloss, I didn't think it looked too good but the customer wanted it. I thought it was pretty odd, almost like having faded lights LOL.

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